Årets Frisör 2019

Salong: Salong Hairspray 
Stad: Malmö
Fotograf: Jesper Alm Jarl / Malte Sörensen


In collab with Malmö-based Salong Hairspray and eminent hairdresser Sabina Sudic Malkoc we were 4 out of thousands of applicants to be nominated.

About Årets Frisör (excerpt from website): is the competition of possibilities. Here we highlight the industry's talents regardless of which city you come from or what the salon is called. You who compete have a hairdresser's license and you can expect that the jury assesses your contribution with accustomed, trained and objective eyes. In the assessment, each grant receives an anonymous ID marking and the jury does not know who or who is behind the grant they assess. The competition is a production of the trade association Frisörföretagarna and has been around since 2004.